scantily CLAD


AphroditePaw Lucious (Douchie-One)

DOB: Dec 4 2004 – Dec 1st 2010

parents unknown

Lucius was my second pet sphynx and the love of my life. I lost him to HCM and associated complications December 1st 2010, 3 days before his 6th birthday. He was diagnosed with HCM at the tender age of 6 months, and I am so grateful we had nearly 6 years together. He changed my life, and gave me so much joy. He touched the heart of everyone he met with his free love and happy soul. I wished more people could have known him. I miss his loving eyes, and gentle purr. I miss the way he would meow each and every time before jumping up on the bed or couch, as if to announce his presence. I miss the way he would gobble down treats like he was starving. I miss his head-butts and I miss his smell. I miss hearing his distinctive foot falls in the house. I miss the endless comfort he gave me, every time life got hard. Every morning seems a little less bright waking up without him in my arms. I miss him and his brother Little Man, more then I can ever express.