scantily CLAD


RW Ch My Pearl Neytiri of ScantilyClad (Marlowe)

RW CH My Pearl Neytiri of ScantilyClad (Marlowe)

HCM CLEAR Jan 18 2020

Blue tortie and white – Green eyes

DOB: March 8th 2014

Dam: Elerium Anastasia of My Pearl

Sire: My Pearl Joker

Blood type: A

Negative for CMS, PKD1, PRA

Homozygous Sphynx

Breeder: Layanna Barakhtina

Owner: Shauntay Burris

From the moment I saw Marlowe’s precious face I knew I needed her in my life.  Every so often an animal comes along and just feels a part of your soul.  Marlowe is a sweet yet frisky kitten in a huge muscular frame, she lumbers around like a Hippo on land and has never quite gotten out of her kitten mentality.  She’s always up for some play and can be quite tiresome to some of her house mates with her clumsy and boisterous personality. She loves to be bundled up under the covers at night and held tightly to my chest.