scantily CLAD


RW QGC ScantilyClad In All My Glory (Harrison)

RW QGC ScantilyClad In All My Glory (Harrison)

HCM CLEAR March 2022

Sphynx HCM DNA – Heterozygous


Red and White – Copper Eyes

Carries Point

DOB: October 22nd 2015

Dam: RW SGCA My Asterisk Capricious of ScantilyClad

Sire: Skinzin SkinmonzBrown of Skeenville

Blood type: A

Homozygous Sphynx

Breeder: Shauntay Burris

Owner: Shauntay Burris

Harrison is the love of my life.  He is my dream cat and has the best personality of any pet I have ever had the pleasure of sharing my life with.  He is fun and silly, drives me absolutely mad sometimes getting into everything but is also the most loving, affectionate ham I could ever ask for.  He is a face kisser like a little puppy and will seek you out to plant a big wet one on your lips if you so much as make eye contact with him.  He loves being held and goes completely loose like a ragdoll, loves being paraded around in my arms, making new friends and being held in any position under the sun.  He will excell in therapy work and I cannot wait to start volunteering with this guy.  I know he has so much joy to spread.