scantily CLAD



A common misconception with Sphynx is that they need weekly or bi-weekly bathing. I do not find this to be true, and as a competitive level pet Groomer, I am all too aware of the damage over bathing can do to one’s pet. Over bathing your Sphynx can lead to an imbalance in the natural PH of their skin, this causes the body to produce more sebum (oils) to compensate and self regulate the PH. The over production of sebum causes dirt to collect at a greater rate. I only bathe my cats every few months, their skin is soft and supple and clean of excess oils. Skin quality is dictated by several factors; genetics, diet, and environment. Feeding a balanced raw diet improves the over all health and appearance and cleanliness of the skin. Keep in mind, ear cleaning should still be done on a weekly basis. As a Sphynx has no hair in and around the base of the ear, they do produce a higher quantity of ear wax to account for a greater quantity of debris entering the ear canal. This can be gently cleaned out using an ear cleaning solution like Epi-Otic or Zymox Enzymatic Ear Cleaner and some cotton pads. For the small nooks and crannies, I do carefully use a slightly moistenend q-tip. All Scantily Clad kittens are habituated to ear cleaning, bathing and nail trimming from a very young age so that they handle this process easier in their new homes.