scantily CLAD



I became involved in the breed over 18 years ago and was an avid volunteer in certified pet therapy work. My first two pet sphynx were diagnosed wth HCM before the age of one year, and the devastation I felt was overwhelming. I have been directly in the position of a pet owner losing their Sphynx to heart disease and vowed I would do everything in my capabilties to improve the Sphynx breed’s health and vigor. I strive to be a part of that moment in which the Sphynx is no longer so heavily afflicted by Cardiomyopathy. I am very transparent in my breeding program, health of my animals and the kittens I produce, as well as my personal goals as a breeder. I perform Respiratory and Fecal PCRs on my cats every few months to ensure I do not circulate any viral, or otherwise contagious pathogens. I strive for health above all, with emphasis on phenotypical conformation and disposition since Therapy work is still something dear to my heart. I am always available to answer any questions or concerns, and maintain close contact with all of my pet buyers over the years. I never get tired of seeing updated photographs of my grandKits, or being so fortunate as to being able to visit some of them in person. My home is always open for visits, I am very proud of the environment my cats and kittens are raised in. My sphynx all live as pets, occupying the couch and bed as much as my heart; as they should. I am very involved in the Sphynx breed in general, from rescue work, to serving my second 3 year term on the TICA Sphynx Breed Committee.

Please be certain to buy any potential pet sphynx from a reputable breeder who routinely scans their breeding cats for HCM and monitors the HCM scans of relatives. Save yourself the heart ache I have gone through and support those striving to make a difference in our precious breed.