scantily CLAD


LA BW SGC ScantilyClad In The Midnight Hour (Rebel)

HCM clear 10/15/2023 – Clear of all deleterious genes in the Optimal Selection DNA Panel


Seal tortie mink and white – carries dilute

DOB: July 28 2017

Dam: OD RW GRC ScantilyClad Quite Quintessential

Sire: RW QGC ScantilyClad In All My Glory

Blood type: A

DNA tested clear of all deleterious genes in Optimal Selection complete DNA profile

Breeder: Shauntay Burris

Owner: Shauntay Burris

Rebel has far exceeded any expectations and hopes I could have for a show cat, in just three shows she became the best sphynx kitten internationally for 2017-2018 and continued excelling in the show ring, often winning Best in Show. She ended the season with the following wins;

Best Sphynx Kitten internationally 2017-2018

21st best Allbreed kitten internationally 2017-2018

Best sphynx kitten and adult in Mid Pacific region 2017-2018

3rd best Allbreed kitten and best shorthair kitten in Mid Pacific region 2017-2018

7th best Allbreed cat in Mid Pacific region 2017-2018

She is a TWO SHOW SUPREME, an incredible achievement, and was best in show in the three adult shows she was entered thus far.  We expect great things from her for this new season 🙂

For the 2018/19 season we are proud to announce the following Achievements;

Best Sphynx adult internationally

23rd best allbreed cat in the world

2nd best allbreed cat in the mid pacific region

Double Breed Winner (best of breed in the world)

Life Time Achievement award in just two seasons!