scantily CLAD


SGCA My Asterisk Capricious of ScantilyClad (Memaw)

SGCA My Asterisk Capricious of ScantilyClad (Memaw)

HCM CLEAR August 2021

Seal Tortie Point / Blue eyes

carries Dilute

DOB: August 5th 2009

Dam: ICH Pharoan Cats Chio Chio Sun of My Asterisk

Sire: Grand ICH Lanion Veni Vedi Vici

Blood type: Ab

Negative for CMS, PKD1, PRA

Homozygous Sphynx

Breeder: Elena Doroshenko

Owner: Shauntay Burris

Memaw came to me when she was a few years old and from the moment she was in my arms I was head over heels in love.  She’s the honorary mother to all the cats in the house, and is incredibly sweet natured with the most adorable delicate meow.

A few years ago I was relinquished an orphaned litter of seven sphynx/donskoy new borns, and Memaw eagerly cared for them despite her not having any milk.  We were a very effective team with me feeding the precious little ones and Memaw cleaning, cuddling and offering them emotional support. She cared for them up until they were neutered and left for their new homes.  It’s a testiment to how nurturung this girl is.